Life Drawing Evenings
to Mar 28

Life Drawing Evenings

Thursdays January 24th  -  March 28th  (10 weeks)

7:30 pm – 10:00 pm

Ages 17+  (Maximum of 5 students)

$219.99 + HST

An uninstructed Life Drawing class where students will have the opportunity to work from a live model and hone their knowledge of human anatomy, perspective, and dynamic poses

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Intro to Linoblock Relief Printmaking
to Mar 6

Intro to Linoblock Relief Printmaking

Wednesdays, February 13th - March 6th  (4 weeks)

7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Ages 17+ (Maximum of 6 students)

$139.99 +HST

Teacher: Sarah Leonard

Course Description:

Intro to Linoblock Relief Printmaking

Linoleum cut (Linocut): A relief technique popularized by Matisse and Picasso in the 20th century. In this technique, a thin block of linoleum is mounted on wood. The artist then uses a sharp instrument to cut away the linoleum. Only the higher areas of linoleum are inked and printed, not the areas that have been cut away.


To introduce and familiarize the student with the fundamental techniques and concepts of linoblock printmaking. We will learn to design a sound composition and create a one colour finished piece. The techniques we will employ will be ideal for the home based printmaker. This course is designed for Beginners.


The Technique

Relief printmaking is a form of printmaking in which the image to be printed is raised from the surface. Pieces of material are removed from the surface using sharp tools called gouges.  This creates a surface similar to a stamp and is often referred to as "block printing". 

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