Marshall Geddes is a freelance cartoonist and figure artist.

Geddes studied extensively under veteran Marvel and DC comic artist Ty Templeton, and Disney layout artist Scott Caple at The Toronto Cartoonist Workshop.

Marshall continued figure drawing at Sheridan College and the Toronto School of Art. After which, he pursued private studies with wildlife master Geordie Millar and Disney drawing trainer Glen Vilppu.

In 2013 Marshall studied figure drawing, figure painting and cartooning at the Art Students League of New York with Harlequin book cover illustrator Max Ginsberg and Jack Faragasso. His personal studies include the history of comics and newspaper cartoonists from the early 20th century and the 1950’s Famous Artist Course.

In 2015 Marshall started Drawing House – a studio and art supply store in Barrie Ontario. Aside from working in his studio, he teaches cartooning, life drawing and anatomy at the Maclaren Art Centre and throughout Simcoe County.

Lori Salas is Drawing House's Art Director.


Lori is in charge of the look and feel of Drawing House, she directs and manages all of Drawing House's campaigns and art for educational & promotional material, events and social media outreach.

She moonlights as a character artist, and she is well-versed in 2D and 3D animated production and gaming pipelines. She loves storytelling and working in visual development for challenging projects, from animated television shows to gaming and comics.

Lori has worn many different hats throughout her career as an animation artist. Her first job in the entertainment industry was as a 2D animator for short films and feature productions, then later delved into storyboard and visual development. After graduating from the post-graduate program in Computer Animation and Digital Character at Sheridan College, she has worked as a visual development and 3D character artist with some of the best animation studios in Toronto.

Aside from working in the studio, she also teaches cartooning, animation and comic creation at Drawing House and oversees all the freelance art projects Drawing House takes on. She also manages to fit in a little time to work on her own comics.