Cartooning For Kids!
to Feb 23

Cartooning For Kids!

Saturday mornings, January 19th - February 23rd (6 weeks)

11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Ages 7 - 12 (Maximum of 8 students)

$159.99 +HST

Course Description:

 Learn the trade secrets of cartoonists! Each participant will learn how to construct characters. Whether it is muscle-bound super heroes, Minecraft characters, Darth Vader or good old Bugs Bunny,  all cartoon characters are built on the same principles of solid drawing.  If your child likes to draw cartoons, or just have fun drawing, this is the course for them! (Repeat students are welcome. There are always more cartoons to be drawn!)

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Anime and Cartooning Workshop
to Apr 6

Anime and Cartooning Workshop

Saturday Afternoons, February 2nd to April 6th (9 Weeks) (No class March 16th)

1:00 pm – 2:30 pm

Ages 10 - 18 (Maximum of 8 students)

$249.99 + HST

Teacher: Lori Salas

Course Description:

Do you want the freedom to work on your own projects with the guidance of a professional?

In this course, students will be instructed in the fundamentals of cartooning and anime. A structured lesson will be given at the beginning of each class. However, after each lesson, students will be encouraged to create their own projects. This way, their learning will be self-directed with the assistance of a professional comic illustrator and animator to help them achieve their goals all while working alongside other like-minded artists.

  1. Drawing faces, heads, eyes.

  2. Gestures and basic bodies

  3. Hands, feet

  4. Expressions, facial details, hair.

  5. Clothing and outfits

  6. Character design

  7. Special effects (water, electricity, attacks, energy balls, etc).

  8. Backgrounds/basic perspective, Composition

  9. Inking, coloring.

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 Drawing Essentials For Youth
to Apr 15

Drawing Essentials For Youth

Mondays, February 4th - April 15th  (10 weeks) (No Class March 11th)

6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Ages 12 - 17 (Maximum of 6 students)

$299.99 +HST

Teacher: Neil Smith

Course Description:

Drawing Essentials is designed to give students the opportunity to learn the fundamental skills used to make successful drawings. Topics covered will include three-dimensional drawing, perspective drawing, describing form with light and shadow and taking a rough sketch to a finished piece. This class focuses on student driven projects. Each student will meet with the teacher to discuss their learning goals, and will come up with their own plan for a project spanning the course. This means that students of all skill levels can be guided according to their own skills and interests. Repeat students are welcome as each semester will build on the previous one. 

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