The Making Of A Portrait

Hello all, Liam from the Drawing House, here. To make my portrait for the Drawing House website, I started with a couple small thumbnail sketches in pencil to help me conceptualize what I wanted to make. Once I'd developed something I liked, I moved on to the next step.


Next up, I made a larger, cleaner version of my selected thumbnail drawing in pencil. Then I scanned it to resize the head and hand in Photoshop.


Once I had corrected the proportions on my underdrawing, I printed it out and used a light table to ink over it onto a new sheet of paper.


Once my inking was finished, I used Copic markers to colour over my line work.

Colour Portrait2.png

Once I was happy with the colour and shading, I scanned the image into photoshop once more to correct the colours and add a nice half-tone background and a drop shadow. This step wasn't necessary, but it certainly helped to add a finishing touch.

And there we go- a finished portrait, ready to upload. If you'd like to try making your own portrait, feel free to try following the steps above!

~Art and instruction by Liam Stone

Our Grand Opening!

Thank you so much, to everyone who came out and made this day special!

Live Caricatures For College Pro

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